My Purpose

Help yourself get past the broken pieces in your life.

Life is filled with difficult experiences that sometimes leave us broken, confused, and overwhelmed. Psychoanalytic therapy is a type that allows one to look at their own painful patterns of living and then change the patterns that they feel stuck in.

Individuals in a psychoanalytic informed therapy work as a partner with their therapist.

We work through it together.

Together we pay careful attention to the interactions of personal and interpersonal experiences of past and present, of body and mind, of fantasy, and reality. It is expected that this process will bring about great change in the individual’s life.

My Specialties


Anxiety can be debilitating. Endless worry, agitation, stress, and fear of what could happen can consume us. This makes life feel overwhelming, unmanageable, and joyless.

Whittier California marital relationship issues


Sometimes depression feels obvious. Sometimes it can be quite subtle. When depressed, you may feel tired, sad, bored, unmotivated, tearful, hopeless, and angry.

Whittier California anxiety treatment


Trauma can cause anxiety, depression, hopelessness, sadness, fear, and anger. No event that one defines as traumatic is too small or too big.

Whittier California psychoanalytic therapy

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