Dr. Anne Bushyeager

About Dr. Anne Bushyeager, PsyD, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Certified Psychoanalyst in Whittier, Ca.


People come to me seeking relief from emotional pain they are experiencing due to a recent change in their life. Sometimes change is a death in the family, a recent frightening medial diagnosis, loss of a job, a change in marital status, or a transition with their children like kids going to school, moving out of the house, or getting married. People may also feel a need to go to therapy because of something that they went through in their past that has had a profound impact on them continually affecting their daily lives.

As a Psychoanalyst I want to offer individuals, couples, and kids the opportunity to speak about this emotional pain so that they feel completely heard, understood, and seen. I want to stand along side of them and endure the experience with them offering an environment of support, understanding, shamelessness, and hope.

The result of sharing and understanding the difficult emotional experiences people are going through leads to great understanding and clarity for the patient, which then can offer the potential for change to occur in their lives.

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