Eating Disorders

Just one more bite… or NOT.

What’s causing your eating disorder?

Eating disorders are very complicated. Anorexia and Bulimia are just two types of eating disorders. These disorders develop for many reasons. Emotionally, people’s struggles end up playing out in the body. People will restrict food or over-medicate with food in an attempt to cope with their struggles. This becomes so pervasive that restriction or overindulgence threatens an individuals health and life.

Signs of eating disorders

  • Unreal body image (seeing yourself as a fatter or thinner than you really are)
  • Restricting food intake marked by significant weight loss
  • Excessive eating marked by significant weight gain
  • Intense fear of weight gain or weight loss
  • Significant emotional disturbance

How I will help you

It is very important to include physicians, nutritionists, and psychiatrists when addressing eating disorders. Making use of this team is the best way to help you begin to get a hold of your eating disorder. Theraputically, we will work together to understand the meaning of your eating disorder. I.E. Why does food feel dangerous? Or, why you see your body the way you see it?

This kind of understanding is very difficult. However, it is necessary to to explore these ideas in order to get to the root of the disorder.

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